Purchase sports cards from the largest card shows in the country with the convenience of your handheld device or PC from home.

The Ultimate Online Show for Sports Card Collectors

Buy cards in real-time

A Slab Hunt™ is a live-streamed sports card show that allows viewers to purchase cards in real-time. With just access to a phone or computer, you can buy sports cards from the comfort of your home without having to travel to a physical show!

Access Nationwide

The Slab Hunt™ allows you to access sports card shows from around the country, giving you the opportunity to purchase cards that may not be available in your local area.

Find Deals & Negotiate

Despite pricing being set by vendors at card shows, use the live chat to negotiate pricing and find the right deal for you.

Quick & Secure Shipment

Once your cards are secured, the BlackTie team immediately prepares them for quick shipment to your address.


Richard Bauer

Private Event - Slab Hunt

October 21st

Richard Bauer

Chantilly Card Show

October 20th-21st

Richard Bauer

Palm Beach Card Show

November 10th-12th

Slab Hunters

Victor Ko

Hobby Ray


K.a Joben



Richard Bauer



Marin Julia




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What is a Slab Hunt™?

A Slab Hunt™ is a virtual sports card show that allows buyers to purchase sports cards conveniently through their handheld devices or PC. It offers an exciting experience where collectors can explore a curated selection of graded and encapsulated cards, commonly known as slabs without being at the show. These slabs feature professionally authenticated and graded sports cards, ensuring their quality and value. With a Slab Hunt™, you can browse, discover, and acquire coveted sports cards from the comfort of your own home, all while immersing yourself in the thrill of the hunt.

Where can I participate in a Slab Hunt™?

Our Slab Hunts™ are streamed live over the internet through an app called Whatnot. Whatnot allows you to watch livestreams where you can enter your payment details and take part in live auctions of collectibles.

How do I buy a card at a Slab Hunt™?

1) Download and install the Whatnot app from your device's app store.

2) Sign up for an account or log in if you already have one.

3) Enter your payment details securely within the app. You may need to provide your credit card information or link your PayPal account.

4) Browse through the available livestreams and look for the @blacktiebreaks account where you will find the show schedule.  Look for "SLAB HUNT™" shows.

5) Once in the show, if you see an item you are interested in, write the name of the player you see in the chat.  If the presenter shows the card you are interested in and a price you are willing to pay, type "RUN IT" in the chat.  Please remember, that this is an auction, and other watchers can place bids on the item.  Place your maximum bid on the item and wait to see if you win.

6) If you win the item, it will quickly be secured by our fulfilment team and prepared for shipping.  All the details you have entered into Whatnot will be transfered to our team and expect your item to be shipped within 3-5 days of the show.

Can I have you sell my cards in a private event?

Yes, we do consignments. We can sell your cards on our livestream and have them sold within minutes. Send us a message with all of your information and cards you would like to sell, and we will be happy to guide you through the process.